I specialise in the translation of various types of texts, e.g.

  • Information brochures
  • Product descriptions
  • Presentations
  • Manuals, training documentation
  • Tender documentation
  • Legal texts
  • Contracts
  • Certificates and references
  • Children’s books

I translate exclusively from French and Spanish into my native language of German.

For other language combinations, I would be pleased to recommend a competent colleague and native speaker of the target language.

For the language combination French-German, I can also translate documents which need to be officially certified.

To be able to cater for larger projects also, I work closely with other qualified translators who provide assistance when the need arises.


I also offer a proofreading service for texts that have already been translated in my specialty areas and working languages. This is charged on an hourly basis.

Working method and quality

The basis of my working method is thorough research in the source and target language. This research ensures that the translation is oriented towards the purpose of the document and the target group. It also ensures utilisation of the respective specialist terminology.

If desired, I can also provide you with the option of using a Translation Memory tool when processing your orders. The basis for this working method is an extensive database of previously translated texts. One of the benefits of using this tool is that terminology can be used consistently in different translations for a certain customer.

Moreover, when working with customers on a long-term basis, this tool allows me to provide a faster and more cost-efficient translation service.

My motto is to provide only high-quality translations. For this reason, I always work according to the following three basic principles:

  1. I only accept translations in areas that I specialise in.
  2. I only agree to delivery deadlines that I can keep without comprising on quality.
  3. Before delivery, all my translations are subjected to a full Quality Assurance check once again. On request, this check can also be carried out by a second native speaker of the target language.

The Quality Assurance check focuses on the following aspects in particular:

  • Accuracy and completeness in terms of content
  • Correct orthography, grammar, syntax and punctuation
  • Consistency of terminology
  • Stylistic appropriateness